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     THE RAV is a “Rabbi”, especially one who holds a position of authority or who acts as a personal mentor. It’s a title of respect and form of address preceding a personal name. “The RAV” is a Fashion & Lifestyle Event Company which is having an aim to build a good & a healthy relationship with their Potential Clients & give them an Opportunity to establish their Brands on the Niche Platform.

     The core idea behind The RAV Fashions is to provide a platform for upcoming, talented artists and designers to showcase their products to a wide audience.
     The RAV Fashions is now starting growing to be recognized and respected for its quality and events. We maintain a high standard in Fashion & Lifestyle Event and for this reason all participants of The RAV Fashions are handpicked, screened and chosen from all across India.
     Our constant endeavor is to bring good quality, new designs and innovative products to our event. It’s totally NEW one; there you will get an amazing experience & the door of opportunities when you join us!!!

RAV Event

The RAV Fashions event is open to all from 'A' class designers to fresh and inspiring designers from all across India to showcase their collections. Launched with handpicked and screened Designer, We are growing from strength to strength. We provide Ideal platform for showcasing Traditional, contemporary & modern designs.

Fashionistas, trend-watchers, shoppers, traders, export houses, lifestyle store owners and merchandisers from across India will be present at the event. Grab the opportunities to see the talent from across the country, with more than 100+ designers converging to showcase their new creations. Here you can meet and buy at “direct from designers prices”!! The concept of affordable fashion is here to stay- promoted by The RAV Fashions.
We create perfect opportunity to meet individual and institutional buyers.

  • It is the unique fashion trade fair.
  • It completely exhibits latest fashion trends.
  • Ideal place to witness latest products and innovations.
  • We draw a large audience of Delhi’s cognoscenti, fashionistas and shopaholics alike.
  • Designers from around the country will unveil their exquisite new collections of garments, shoes, jewelry, watches, bags, home décor and other accessories

  • about iamge


    Mr. Vinay Bathla

    Mr. Vinay Bathla is the Founder of The RAV Fashions. An enthusiastic and well-talented entrepreneur who was kind enough to take our concern to sublimity. Our success and integrity are all results of the efforts invested by our respectful promoter. He has given RAV Fashions an established identity. The instincts with which he works to identify the worthy brands, designs and lifestyle-occupations are all helpful in regulating a proper exhibition for the public.
      His platforms served to be a pedestal for Fashion Designers and Lifestyle companies. His preferences always transcended conventional bounds and he always welcomed and promoted the innovative ideas, popular trends, lifestyle innovations and marketing elites. His career in sales and marketing is illustrious with a globally recognized status. He currently own three companies. RAV Fashions is his latest venture.

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    • Provide fashionable products at affordable prices.
    • To promote emerging designers and re-launching of established brands.
    • To make the World a Better Place.
    • Be innovative, cost effective and globally competitive.
    • Creating a conducive environment for talent to blossom.
    • Start a global trend by offering amazing business networking opportunities
      for designers, buyers, retailers etc.


    • Continuous improvement of the customer’s shopping experiences.
    • To become a global brand in the fashion lifestyle industry.
    • To be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
    • Connecting people around the World.
    • Helping people to realize their dreams.
    • Share this great success with others.

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